Container Houses

Containers are affordable, fireproof, and flood-proof that. they can be used as container house. Container houses are prefabricated and modular such that the construction and maintenance costs can be saved. Container houses not only can be built to suit the basic needs of the people, but they can also be built as highly sophisticated luxury accommodation.

The smallest container can be used to build an area of 100 square feet container house. Eight larger containers can already make a two-storey house which has an area of about 1400 square feet. Hundreds of container micro-apartments together can be used to make a huge apartment building. Typically, standard widths of container house are 8', 9', 10' and 12' while standard lengths are 20', 24', 30', 40' and 44'.


We provide access to prefabricated or customized container houses depending on customer needs. Container houses can be built to highly customized specifications. Two examples of standard specifications are shown below, which are typically used for temporary accommodation while those built according to the ‘building specification’ are qualified as  permanent residence: