Dry cargo container

The most commonly used category of container, usually used to transport dry goods: including daily necessities, textiles, clothing, light industrial products, food, equipment, household appliances, medicines and other items.


Dry cargo containers are made of aluminum or steel and are used to carry different types of cargo. These containers are very strong and can withstand wind and rain, with rigid tops, side walls and floors, with a large door for loading and unloading.


The below types of goods  are less suitable for transporting via dry cargo containers. If you have any questions about transporting your cargo, please contact us directly.


  1. frozen goods or goods that are strictly required to be maintained at a certain temperature;

  2. heavy goods that cannot be packed by manpower or forklift;

  3. Long and large cargo that cannot be loaded and unloaded through the standard door;

  4. Goods with load exceeding the strength of the bottom of the box;

  5. bulk or liquid cargo;

  6. goods that cannot be fully fastened in a dry cargo container;

  7. goods that require special ventilation;

  8. livestock;

  9. dangerous goods.