Type of container

We provide new and old container procurement and leasing services, while designing and ordering the suitable containers on behalf of customers. Below is a reference for container classification and the characteristics of each type of containers:


The most commonly used category of container, usually used to transport dry goods: including daily necessities, textiles, clothing, light industrial products, food, equipment, household appliances, medicines and other items.


It is suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and certain drugs that require constant temperature.


It is specially used for the transportation of liquid goods such as liquid chemicals, liquid foods, various petroleum products and alcoholic goods.


It is mainly used for transporting goods that are difficult to load and unload using a standard door, and needs to be loaded and unloaded from the top of the container. Examples are: tall or wide cargoes, including: wood and scrap metal. Otherwise, open top containers are used for goods that can only be fixed by using the side wall such as glass plates, plywood, general machinery and extremely long goods.


It is used to carry large cargo, overweight cargo or bulky yet light weight cargo, such as steel, disk, sheets, long pieces, flat glasses, machinery and handling machinery, various pipes, electrodes, motorcycles, insulators, plywood, drums, transformers, wood, etc.